MƒA Berkeley

Math for America Berkeley
University of California, Berkeley
367 Evans Hall #3860
Berkeley, CA 94720-3860

MƒA Team

Deb Nolan

Deb Nolan

Professor of Statistics;
Faculty Co-Director

Deb Nolan's research interests include the empirical process, high-dimensional modeling, and, most recently, technology in education and reproducible research. She has been recognized at Berkeley for excellence in teaching and advising and enjoys working with and encouraging all students in their understanding of statistics. Deb is co-author of Stat Labs with Terry Speed, Teaching Statistics with Andrew Gelman, and XML and Web Technologies for Data Sciences with R with Duncan Temple Lang.

George Johnson

George Johnson

Professor of Mechanical Engineering;
Faculty Co-Director

Professor Johnson's research can be broadly categorized as materials characterization at the intersection of mechanical engineering and materials science. The thrust of his effort is to understand macroscopic material behavior in terms of its microstructure and to develop material models that accurately capture the response of a wide range of materials. His recent work falls into four areas: 1) microscopic modeling of failure modes in brittle materials, 2) understanding the failure of materials under impact loading, 3) developing macroscopic material models for the large-deformation response of metals, and 4) application of X-ray tomography with micron-level resolution to visualize the growth of damage in structural materials. Professor Johnson is also currently the chair of the Board of Admissions and Relations with Schools (BOARS), a committee of the system-wide Academic Senate for the University of California.

Katherine Reid

Katherine L. Reid

Director of MƒA Berkeley

Katherine is the director for Math for America, Berkeley. She holds BS degrees in mathematics and secondary education, a MS degree in mathematics education, and education licenses in middle and secondary school mathematics teaching as well as K–12 administration. Katherine is a PhD Candidate in Curriculum & Instruction at Kansas State University. The focus of her dissertation is school change, specifically the improvement process of a school district in improvement. Before coming to Berkeley, Katherine was the professional development coordinator for North Wasco County School District and an assistant professor at Eastern Oregon University. She also served on the Oregon Department of Education Common Core State Standards Stewardship Team.

Elisa Stone

Elisa Stone

Director of Cal Teach Berkeley

Elisa Stone teaches in the Cal Teach program, and enjoys talking about K–12 teaching as a career. A former high school biology teacher and molecular and cell biology researcher, she continues to be interested in student development of scientific experimental skills. She has an MA in education, a PhD in genetics, and a single-subject teaching credential in biology.

Kalford Mills

Program Manager
(510) 642-2041

As the program manager at the Berkeley Science and Math Initiative, Kalford supports both the Cal Teach and Math for America Berkeley programs.

Maritza Drotleff

Program Coordinator
(510) 643-3813

As the program coordinator at the Berkeley Science and Math Initiative, Maritza supports both the Cal Teach and Math for America Berkeley programs.

LaVern Navarro

LaVern Navarro

Program Assistant
(510) 642-2304

As an Assistant with Cal Teach, LaVern supports the program by doing a wide variety of functions including purchasing, reimbursements, and event planning. In her free time, this proud mother of two has an active lifestyle that consists of taking long walks, exploring the outdoors, doing yoga and zoomba, and recently playing tennis.