Frequently Asked Questions

What is a "Team Focus/Improvement Plan"?

Participants must either join an established MƒA Berkeley team at their school/district or apply with a colleague to start a team at their school site. Each team identifies an area of improvement in their school/district that will become the guiding focus for their fellowship. The application packet contains additional details.

What happens if I leave my school in the middle of my five-year Master Teacher Fellowship?

We understands that a fellow may be transferred to another school during his/her fellowship and will help the fellow to adapt his/her project to the new school and stay in the program. If an MƒA Berkeley Master Teacher quits teaching or fails to meet his/her obligations, he/she may be terminated as an MƒA Berkeley Master Teacher and will be asked to repay any previously disbursed stipends.

Do participants have to hold a master's degree? Will participants earn a master’s degree while in the program?

No, but having a master’s degree may increase your chances of being selected. While fellows may take graduate courses over the course of the fellowship, participants will not earn a master’s degree.