MƒA Berkeley offers Master Teacher Fellowships to provide resources and professional support that help Bay Area teachers excel in today's urban classrooms. This program is in partnership with the University of California, Berkeley.

Master Teacher Fellowships

MƒA Berkeley Master Teacher Fellowships are five-year professional and leadership development programs for secondary school mathematics and science teachers who have at least three years teaching experience and currently teach in high-need Bay Area school districts. The five-year fellowship includes a $10,000 annual stipend as well as additional funds for conference travel, classroom materials, course fees, and other support for teachers’ professional development needs.

Am I eligible?

Candidates applying to the MƒA Berkeley Master Teacher Fellowship Program are individuals who:

  • Have completed their third year of teaching by the start of the year of application
  • Teach mathematics or science in a Bay Area public or charter secondary school
  • Hold state teaching certification and spend at least 75 percent of their school schedule in mathematics or science instruction

How do I apply?

We are not currently accepting applications for the MƒA Berkeley Master Teacher Fellowship Program.

  1. Complete and print the MƒA Berkeley Master Teacher Fellowship application and provide the following for your application:
    1. Completed Application Form
    2. Personal Statement
    3. Sample Lesson Plan with Student Work Samples
    4. Proposed Team Focus/Improvement Plan
    5. Letters of Recommendation
      1. Current Principal/Supervisor
      2. Professional Colleague
      3. Student (Past or Present)
  2. Assemble the following supplemental materials:
    1. Résumé
    2. Scores from one ETS Praxis Content Knowledge exam
    3. Official sealed transcripts from each post-secondary school attended
  3. Mail all of the above materials to:
    • Master Teacher Fellowship
      Math for America Berkeley
      University of California, Berkeley
      367 Evans Hall #3860
      Berkeley, CA 94720-3860

When is the application deadline?

The application deadline is May 15 at 11:59 p.m. PST.
It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure posting/emailing/receipt of all required documents before the deadline.

When will I find out if I'm accepted?

Applicants will be notified by June 1 if they have been selected for an interview. The program itself begins in September.

Teachers awarded MƒA Berkeley Master Teacher Fellowships:

  • Commit to teach full-time in Bay Area public secondary schools for five years.
  • Receive a $10,000 annual stipend as well as additional funds for conference travel, classroom materials, course fees, and other professional development needs.
  • Join the program as part of a school site or district team. Each team will develop a focus and design site-based projects that are aligned with the specific needs of their school(s).
  • Participate in MƒA Berkeley community and cohort specific networking and professional/leadership development activities.
  • Engage in STEM and/or STEM education research through the Industry Initiative for Science and Math Education program (IISME) and develop lesson plans to bring aspects of the research experience into their classrooms.
  • Benefit from a reduced teaching load during year three.
  • Share their work and knowledge with the MƒA Berkeley community and other educators by presenting and publishing at/in local, regional, and national conferences and journals.
  • Receive support while pursuing National Board Certification, if not previously certified.

Potential MƒA Berkeley Master Teacher activities include:

  • Partnering with Cal Teach Berkeley for instruction, mentoring, and field supervision of pre-service and beginning teachers.
  • Participating in coaching training and engaging in peer coaching at school sites.
  • Participating in math, science, or education research through campus groups and departments.
  • Engaging in leadership activities within schools.
  • Participating in and presenting at state, regional, and national conferences.
  • Creating and offering professional development activities within the school or district.