Launched in 2010, Math for America (MƒA) Berkeley brings together exceptional San Francisco Bay Area teachers in order to develop and support a cadre of dedicated teacher-leaders who will lead the way toward improved teaching and learning in mathematics and science classrooms. As Master Teachers in the MƒA Berkeley Fellowship Program, participants are provided opportunities to strengthen their teaching skills, develop leadership knowledge, and engage in leadership roles.

MƒA Berkeley participants are impressive professionals who strive to continually improve in three areas:

  1. Depth of content knowledge,
  2. Expertise in the craft of teaching, and
  3. Ability to know and teach to the strengths of every student in their classroom.

The fellowship brings together these exceptional local public urban school math and science teachers and provides a structured professional development environment where they can advance their teaching skills, share knowledge, and gain important leadership training and experience.

Over the course of their five-year tenure, teachers have the opportunity to take subject area courses, engage in research, become directly involved in the pre-service math and science teacher-training program at UC Berkeley, and participate in a variety of professional development activities.

A key component of the program is development of a professional community that serves as a source of renewal and enrichment—outstanding teachers inspire and motivate one another. Participants learn from each other and expect excellence from their colleagues and themselves.

Various MƒA Berkeley community events provide opportunities for participants to share how their new strategies are working and to discuss their leadership opportunities as master teachers.